Common Roof Problems

Shingle Roof Damage – Water leaks from ice and snow are caused by interior heat from the house. Water from ice melting on the roof gets trapped and creates an ice dam on the roof, gutters and downspouts. The water then takes the path of least resistance, whether that’s under the roof system or sideways through flashings that were not designed to handle that kind of moisture. When this happens, interior water damage can occur.

Flat Roof Damage – Flat roofs whose drains freeze will trap water on the roof system. The trapped water may accumulate to levels higher than the roof flashings, resulting in water leaks. Fixing this problem sometimes involves removing the downspout and physically opening the drain to create discharge.

Dealing with Skylights – Skylights covered with ice and snow may cause leaking because of their “weep holes” being covered. Internal condensation can’t escape, causing water. Have the snow and ice removed from around the skylight. Make sure the contractor is aware that there are skylights so they don’t damage them if they are buried by snow.


by Dale Shoemaker – Full article can be read at Roof Time LLC

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